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Ventura's tree management provides the following services:

Trees are treated for the following:

Growth control

Nuisance fruit ( olives)

Insect and disease management. 

Nutrient deficiency

This olive tree was treated for tree growth regulation, this  olive tree has not been pruned for three years.

We also provide arborist reports, tree consulting services.

Palm growth management, includes the Mexican Fan palm, California Fan palm and the King and Queen palms. 

Palm growth regulation:

Reduce spike (tree climbing spikes) damage to the trunk

Reduce the potential of pink rot ( palm disease) caused by pruning equipment and spike damage

Reduce frond production

Reduces the need for annual pruning

Saves you the client money.

We service the following: residential, commerical and homeowners associations.  We also service the golf course industry.

Tree growth regulation represents the science of regulating a tree's canopy, decreasing the need for conventional tree pruning practices. Consequently, less green waste ends up in the landfills. The cost to regulate a tree may be  less than the cost to prune a tree. A tree that is treated for growth regulation maintains the same aesthetic appearance as a non- treated tree. A tree that is treated for growth regulation, may remain regulated for up to 5 years. Now the cost to maintain a tree's canopy, has just become much more affordable. The client saves money.

We service the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino, Ventura.

Trees that respond well to tree growth regulation include, but are not limited to:

Eucalyptus spp.

Sycamore spp.

Ash spp.

This White alder was treated for growth control. No pruning for three years.